About A-REP

Astute Real Estate Personnel Pty Ltd (A-REP) was created to provide a safe, legal, easy and cost effective engagement solution for Real Estate Agencies and their staff.

A-REP disclosed its systems to the Office of Fair Trading and the Commissioner for Fair Trading in 2006 and the Fair Work Commission are fully familiar with our system.

The system involves engaging personnel as Contractors.

  • The personnel are exempt from the Federal Workplace Relations legislation because they are legitimate Contractors.
  • The personnel can work on “commission only” arrangements or any other remuneration arrangement.   The system is flexible enough to handle any remuneration arrangement.
  • There is no requirement to keep all the documentation required by the Federal Workplace Relations legislation.
  • None of the other onerous issues imposed by the Federal Workplace Relations legislation apply.
  • Sales personnel only need a registration certificate and operate under the authority of the Real Estate Agency’s license.
  • The personnel do not need to operate through a corporate structure, so they do not need an ABN or GST registration.
  • The 80/20 rule for tax purposes does not apply.
  • Flexible tax arrangements are available through a special ruling we obtained from the ATO.
  • A Real Estate Agency can engage one, some, or all of its staff as A-REP Contractors through A-REP.

A-REP now provides services to Real Estate agencies of all sizes throughout Queensland.  Significant research and development is currently underway to deliver this unique solution to all other states around Australia.


For more information, contact A-REP on 0414 801 590.


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