A-REP for Contractors

How does it work for you as an A-REP Contractor?

A-REP Contractors are independent business people with a business perspective.

A-REP Contracting is straightforward where commercial understandings govern the relationships. There is no employment relationship between the parties.

It is an ideal means for you to provide your services to businesses that need a productive workforce and are prepared to properly reward those who choose to participate. A-REP Contracting is appropriate for the widest range of Real Estate Agencies.

You should consider making the change to becoming an A-REP Contractor:

  • if you value your independence;
  • if you take pride in providing excellent service;
  • if you can accept risks; and
  • if you wish to reap the rewards.

Payment Arrangements

A-REP makes payments to contractors once a week on Thursdays. To authorise a payment, the real estate agency and the contractor both sign a payment advice form. This form is then sent to us for processing.  As long we receive the form by close 12 noon on Thursday, the payment will be processed on the Thursday. The contractor will receive a remittance advice in PDF format by email on the Thursday. This advice form gives a breakdown of the various payments and deductions.  The net funds will be available in the contractor's account on Friday morning.


For more information, contact A-REP on 07 3378 0189.


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