A-REP – The Fair Work Solution for Real Estate

The Work Choices legislation introduced in 2005 and subsequent legislation imposed major obstacles for agency owners and staff alike in the Real Estate industry.  Traditional Real Estate employment structures are almost impossible under the Federal legislation, however there is a solution for both Real Estate Agency Owners and their Staff.

The system can be used to engage staff on commission only, debit-credit, retainer-plus, or any other payment by results system, as well as hourly, daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly arrangements.  Importantly, A-REP disclosed all of its systems to the Office of Fair Trading and a Fair Trading Commissioner before commencing trading in 2006.


The key feature of the solution is the utilisation of a highly regarded contracting system which enables Real Estate agencies to engage staff (sales and other) without any of the restrictions and difficulties imposed by the Federal Act.


A-REP’s system provides a 100% solution – safe, legal, easy and cost effective.          



For more information, contact A-REP on 0414 801 590.


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